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Helen Dillon’s Garden Book

The photographs are extraordinarily beautiful ... The text is unmissable, the obvious book of the year for anyone who wants to take gardening seriously. I have learnt so much from this splendid book which ranges from beginner's needs to the right way to propagate the obstinate Pelargonium ardens. She is a matchless gardener.'
Robin Lane Fox, Financial Times

I would start budding gardeners off with Helen Dillon, and they'll probably be taking advice from her twenty years from now.'
Leslie Geddes-Brown, Country Life

Her writing is generous as well as entertaining and is full of the things a new gardener needs to know.'
Jane Powers, Irish Times

The book is great fun as well as being informative and useful. Helen Dillon is a Dublin-based gardener of some renown who is blessed with the ability to write highly opinionated prose in the most direct, engaging and witty way - almost a female version of Christopher Lloyd ... The whole thing would make an admirable present for a novice gardener because the author manages to demystify everything from aralia cultivation to "the pros and cons of instant plants". She even contrives to make the business of staking sound like an art form. Her long experience of plants and gardening - and of people - shines through.'
No.1 in Tim Richardson's 10 Best Christmas Reads, Daily Telegraph

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